Wassail! Wassail!

Sunday 12th January 2014, from 2pm

Join us at the Forty Hall Farm Orchard for our annual blessing of the fruit trees!

Wassailing is an ancient social ceremony that has taken place in the southern counties of England for over a thousand years. It is an orchard tradition intended to thank the trees for the fruit they produce and to wake them up for the coming year. Wassail means ‘good health’ in old English.

The event usually takes place near twelfth night (17th January) and has a party in procession from one tree to the next drinking and singing a wassail song unique to each orchard.

The wassail drink is customarily made with cider or apple juice and everyone joins in the wassail song. Toast is dipped in the juice and hung on the tree as a blessing.

This year’s ceremony will begin at 2pm on Sunday 12th January 2013, in the Forty Hall Farm Orchard. Bring music instruments to play, or pots and pans to bang to help ward off the evil spirits!

Let’s hope it’s a bit warmer than last year…