The Winter Troll

Sunday 20th & Monday 21st December, 2pm and 3.45pm

An alternative entertainment for the Christmas week, coming to Forty Hall Farm for two days only!

Come with us on a wonderful hour-long assortment of stories about trolls and dragons, mermaids and monsters, legends old and new, all from the land of the northern lights.

Each tale has a twist on the winter and Christmas season night including; a troll with three heads, a monster under the bed, a gift from a house sprite, a girl who grew a mountain, and what the most valuable thing in the world is. Each story is entertaining for children and grown-ups alike and the hour culminates with meeting a real (and friendly) troll.

This follow-up to ‘The Troll that eats Children’ is brought to you by explorer and artist Joe Robinson.

The brothers Grimm said ‘Norwegian folk tales are the best there is’ and The Winter Troll proves it with a chance to enjoy intimate, atmospheric storytelling.

There will be two performances per day, to be held at Forty Hall Farm on Sunday 20th & Monday 21st December at 2pm and 3.45pm.

Suitable for children aged 5 – 12 years & grown-ups who want to share the magic. Ticket also grants free entry onto Forty Hall Farm.

Tickets £5.00. Each performance is limited to 35 seats.

Buy tickets online here.