Pizza oven goes pro

We had a fantastic day trying out the Vineyard’s cob oven today, as part of our Open Day. The Farm was open as part of the Forty Hall ‘First Fruits Festival’, celebrating all of the produce that is currently being grown at on the Forty Hall Estate.

We were lucky enough to be joined by three professional bakers from our local bakery Holtwhites, who taught visitors and volunteers the art of making the perfect pizza. Pizzas were topped with vegetables from the Farm and the oven stoked with our own firewood. A truly local and scrumptious feast!

The cob oven was built by volunteers at the Forty Hall Community Vineyard and is made from recycled bricks and natural materials, including clay and straw. At one point, the temperature in the oven reached 400 degrees C so three cheers go to the crew that kept it fired up during the sweltering weather.

This time next year we hope to be able to toast the oven with a glass of our very own sparkling white wine – we’re on track for our first grape harvest in September.

A huge thank you to everyone that came to visit the Farm and particularly to volunteers Louise and Simon for all their work. Thanks also to Holtwhites for their perfect dough!