New weekend art club starts Saturday 27th October 2012

We are very pleased that two local artists will be running a new children’s art club on Forty Hall Farm.

STIKKI is an art club that has been set up for children to learn about art and artists. It gives children the chance to work with lots of different mediums and craft making.

The aim of STIKKI is to encourage young people in Enfield to be more open to making art and exhibiting locally. STIKKI Art Club is run by two practicing local artists Charlotte Posner and Carlo Cicero, who studied together at Chelsea University of the Arts, London and currently work from their own studios.

Charlotte and Carlo want to share their experience, showing young people how artists work and what can be achieved, whilst also teaching them about art history and inspiring them to create their own work. STIKKI is aimed at children aged between 4 to 13. Children will be introduced to new artists weekly and will learn new skills and practices. They will be able to take things home with them most weekends, allowing them to show and tell their parents about what they have done.

STIKKI Art Club will run on Saturdays at Forty Hall Farm.

The sessions will cost £10.00 per hour including art materials.

Contact Carlo Cicero on 07511 503 111.