National Archive focuses on Forty Hall

We were delighted to feature in a recent blog post on the National Archives website, thanks to the efforts of Archives researcher Andrew Janes. In his piece, Andrew sets off to discover what he can about Forty Hall Farm by studying the records of the 1941 – 1943 National Farm Survey.

Here is an extract from the post:

‘About three-quarters of its 260½ acres were given over to grass. No fruit or vegetables were grown for human consumption apart from a small amount of potatoes, although root vegetables were grown for animal fodder. A variety of animals were raised: sheep, cattle, pigs, chickens and geese.

The livestock listed include 420 fowls and three geese.
Only two of the farm’s nine workers were women. The workers had four horses to help with the labour and one tractor.’

It’s a fascinating read, both for anyone interested in the history of the Farm but also for anyone interested in finding out how to access the National Archives. Read the full article here.