Mushrooming this November

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be holding another mushroom hunting walk this autumn, on Saturday 26th November 2016 (10am – 1pm). Join us for a fungi foray, as we take in the fields and woodlands of Forty Hall Farm and discover just how many wild treats our local countryside has to offer.

This guided walk will show you the incredible diversity of fungi – strange forms, fantastic colours and unlike any plant – and will be an opportunity to explain the key role of fungi in the environment.

You’ll observe and understand the three main methods by which fungi survive – as parasites, as saprophytes and as mycorrhizal partners with trees. Last but not least, you will see examples (hopefully!) of edible fungi, and learn how to safely identify and pick edible species, as well as looking at how to recognize and avoid the poisonous varieties! Finally, caution will be stressed about the need for accuracy of identification, especially for consumption, and the danger of collecting for consumption from contaminated sites.

The walk will last about three hours and will be led by Clifford Davy. Clifford has over 29 years of mycological experience and has led more than 180 public fungal forays and run roughly 90 fungus identification course. He was the mycological consultant to the Horniman Museum for six years and he currently co-owns Forest Foragers (link to:, a company that runs wild food courses.

Places are £40 per person, plus an online booking fee. Refreshments will be provided and there are a maximum of fifteen places on the walk.

Click here to buy your ticket.