Make the Farm your classroom this year!

Make the Farm your classroom this year!

Join Capel Manor College this autumn and you might find yourself studying here at Forty Hall Farm.

Capel students get involved with all aspects of farm life, whether its helping us maintain our fencing, protecting hedgerows, tending our veg on the market garden, or helping to care for our livestock.

This year, there are two courses in particular which will be largely based at Forty Hall Farm:

The Fruit and Vegetable Gardener (Level 2)

A one-day per week course, based at Regents Park in central London but with regular visits to Forty Hall Farm.

This course will provide you with the necessary foundation, skills and knowledge to work in fruit and vegetable production, on community farms, gardens and allotments and to volunteer. You will visit various fruit and vegetable production organisations.

Topics include: assessing soil condition and preparing ground for sowing; training and pruning fruit trees; pruning of soft fruit bushes and cane fruits; planning crop cycle and production including harvesting; propagating from seed and stem cuttings; identifying damage caused by plant pests and disease:

Visit the Capel website here to find out more.

Agriculture Extended Certificate (Level 2)

A one year, full time course, based at Capel’s Enfield centre, with practical sessions at Forty Hall Farm.

This course will provide you with the required foundation needed for a career in the agricultural industry, offering a unique opportunity to learn agricultural practices, working with livestock, wildlife, machinery and crops. This course is perfect if you enjoy working outdoors and are excited about learning through practical demonstrations and hands-on workshops.

Topics include: animal and plant husbandry; animal and plant biology; land based machinery operation; tractor driving and use.

Visit the Capel website here for more information.

Future events

Friday 30 November 2018
11am – 9pm

Sunday, December 9, 2018
10am – 3pm

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