Green shoots

Almost one month on and our heritage wheat trials are already proving to have mixed results.

Unfortunately, our first lot of sowing did not survive long. After almost a fortnight without rain, wet weather finally came and we waited eagerly with for our wheat to appear. And waited. And waited some more. Eventually we conceded defeat and accepted that the seed had been eaten by our black and feathery neighbours. Crows 1 – the Farm 0.

Having learnt our lesson, we were careful to make sure our second sowing faired better and some of our student volunteers to work protecting the trial beds with netting. The netting prevents birds from pinching the seed before it’s had a chance to establish roots.

With rows of green shoots sprouting proudly, it seems the netting did the trick. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the wheat throughout the winter. With our cob oven now built in the Farm’s vineyard, we’re looking forward to some homemade pizzas come next summer.