Forty Hill pupils get busy

The Farm’s Orchard volunteer group sprung into action this morning as children from the local Forty Hill School arrived to help plant some of our new fruit trees.

Children from the school’s reception and Year 1 classes came with older children from years 5 and 6, planting a total of 16 new fruit trees. As well as apples and pears, we planted cherries, plums and a mulberry.

Our budding tree planters learnt about the importance of making sure the trees receive plenty of light, water and nutrients to help them grow. Other suggestions for making sure the trees produce lots of fruit included keeping mice and rabbits away, and singing ‘Old McDonald’ to the trees while dancing around them, both of which we’ll be sure to try.

We are grateful to the Tree Council’s Community Trees Fund, which funded the trees, as well as to the staff, parents and pupils of Forty Hill School for all their help.