Fix up Pat Sharp!

The Farm has been a hive of activity this week as we welcomed a film crew and up and coming Manchester band The Shinies. The band was on site filming a video for their new single ‘Ennui’.

The video features a cameo appearance by 80s TV star Pat Sharp and was filmed at various locations around the Farm.

Pat is a wellknown radio DJ who was famous for his unique mullet hairstyle and for presenting the children’s TV programme Funhouse. He also recently starred in ‘I’m a Celebrity…’.

We can’t give away the plot of the video but let’s just say there’s a pretty fiery ending!

The single Ennui is released on Dirty Bingo records on October 22nd. You can find out more about the band on their Facebook page.

On a less glamorous note, we have also been up to our eyeballs stacking straw and have been busy making hay while the sun shines. Here’s to more good weather in the weeks to come and watch out for that video coming soon.