A vision for our orchard

Following our successful orchard launch event in October, we held our first meeting of the newly formed Forty Hall Community Orchard on Sunday.

Over twenty local people came together to discuss plans for the Orchard. Spirits were high as the group discussed the opportunities that a new orchard presents for the community. In particular, we agreed to establish the orchard as a demonstration project that will educate and inspire people to grow their own fruit.

While there were mixed reactions to some proposals (such as the selling of organic squirrel meat!), there was no shortage of suggestions for the fruits that the orchard should grow: figs, damsons, blackcurrants, apples, pears, raspberries, white currants, plums, cherries… it was no surprise that jam-making lessons were also on the list of possible activities.

We also had a walk round the Farm and visited the spot where the orchard will be planted. Our next steps will be to decide on the specific fruit varieties to plant and to begin clearing the site, ready for landscaping.

Download our Vision for the Forty Hall Farm Orchard.

For more information about the community orchard, or to get involved in the project, contact us.